Easily import DB using wp-cli

How to easily import and SRDB witth wp-cli?


Getting the most of your WordPress Dashboard

What is that one screen you see regularly on WordPress, but might not have customized so far? Yes, the dashboard. I have been using WordPress since long now myself, and very rarely have I seen someone spending time changing things on the dashboard. I think that is because people care more about what readers see, rather than what they see on the dashboard. However, the dashboard, in generally should be one of the most productive and useful screen on your site.

Change the “Enter title here” placeholder text to make it fit your content

When you’re working with custom post types, sometimes the post title isn’t a title. It might be a person’s name, a building number, or a course code (just to take a few examples from universities). So it’s great that WordPress has a simple filter that makes it easy to customize the “Enter title here” placeholder text to make it fit your content

Have you built something interesting with WordPress?

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