Yes, I wish I knew about this long long time ago, this is just fantastic!

You can help translate into your native language without leaving the page!

Using the community translator built in

Once the translator is enabled, right-click on a highlighted string to submit a new translation:

  • A red highlight means that a string does not have a translation in the current language.
  • yellow highlight indicates a new translation is awaiting validation.
  • green highlight indicates that a translation has been validated and is current, but you can still submit a new improved translation for that string.

Enabling the Community Translator is incredibly simple

To turn on the translator tool, go to the My Account page in your dashboard, select a non-English interface language and check the “Community Translator” option.


When you go to any translatable page, you will see a globe icon on the bottom right.  Click on it to enable the translator.


Happy translating! Thank you so much for your help!

Ohh, how much I wish we had something similar for self-hosted sites on, life would have been just simpler.

Is there something similar available to be used on self-hosted WordPress? If now can be think of building something similar? Won’t it be incredibly awesome to have?using-the-community-translator2.jpg

About the Author Swapnil V. Patil

I make people smile. Not by being funny, No, but by crafting applications and interfaces. I love the web as a platform and is most likely to talk about WordPress, Javascript and Open Source. Here you will find some of my ideas. Enjoy.

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