WCMumbai 2012 was my first WordCamp. It was organised by some of the students from a local college. Until now, I had not expereinced any WordCamp. This was a exicting experience. I met some really intresting people around the globle.

I learnt some intresting things I had not explored until now. Got some lessons on Theme development from Philip Moore. I also had a discussion regarding _s and other started themes with Philip after the talk.

I also learnt using AWS for hosting WordPress from Puneet Sahalot, his blog  at https://iampuneet.com/ is pretty intresting.

There were also some I already knew, like Prajot Mainkar, who is more involved with the Google Meetups. I knew him from there. He talked about HTML 5 and Android.

I also meet people from IndiBlogger.in, I did not know blogger have such massive community until now.

Made some new friends Ashish Kamble, Lionel Gracias, Mitesh Sanghvi and Shashank Chinchli too.

Mitesh is known for his exceptional knowledge regarding SEO and digital marketing.

Over all it was a nice experience, I loved it.

About the Author Swapnil V. Patil

I make people smile. Not by being funny, No, but by crafting applications and interfaces. I love the web as a platform and is most likely to talk about WordPress, Javascript and Open Source. Here you will find some of my ideas. Enjoy.

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